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Booking Terms & Conditions
The booking will not be confirmed until the deposit has been received and cleared into the bank
Any deposit is to be paid within 10 days of the booking being requested unless specifically agreed with by ABC Sounds
Dates reserved will be released back into the calendar if deposits are not paid within the agreed time
All deposits paid are non refundable unless the booking is cancelled by ABC Sounds
Cancellation charges will apply as below
Less than 4 weeks from the expected date of the event - 25% will be chargeable
Less than 2 weeks from the expected date of the event - 50% will be chargeable
Less than 7 days from the expected date of the event - 100% will be chargeable
All remaining outstanding balances are to be paid by the below methods only
Bank Transfer to be received 7 days in advance of the event
Cash to be paid to the DJ BEFORE the event begins
ABC Sounds reserve the right to terminate the event in such circumstances as threatening or aggressive behaviour by any member of the public attending the event to either the DJ or any supporting staff.
It is assumed that the appropriate security arrangements have been considered by the client and under no circumstances will it be deemed appropriate to continue the event should any member of ABC Sound's staff are physically or verbally abused.
Should any threatening behaviour be deemed to put equipment at risk, the event will immediately be stopped and equipment taken down.
Damage to any equipment, intentional or accidental will be documented and an invoice will be sent to the client and will be expected to be paid within 28 days.
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